CeMAT 2020, 20. - 24. April
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Reshaping the future of last-mile delivery through innovation, tech and design

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Autonomisierung, Logistics 4.0


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Re-imagining logistics requires adaptability and constantly ensuring companies are aware of what the trends in last-mile delivery are. Companies based in this region are facing rapid change, as digitization is becoming more prevalent and customer expectations are higher.

In 2018, we foresee delivery management to gain more traction through automation, digitalization and personalization. To help companies become more efficient, the supply chain needs to become more robust and technology is the driving force that helps companies overcome their challenges.

Companies will have to implement new strategies that allow them to stand out from competitors. We envision that a powerful last-mile delivery platform will help such companies enter the on-demand space by providing the right vision and tools to help them execute it.

Some of the developments we foresee will make an impact in the logistics industry. Used as a holistic solution, these innovations can help create a more sustainable ecosystem.


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