CeMAT 2020, 20. - 24. April
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Logistics 4.0 Hub - Die Supply Chain live in Aktion

Make your own AR with Ubimax's Frontline Creator

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Logistics 4.0


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Jan Junker will give exclusive insights into the market leader’s smart glasses projects, demonstrating the game-changing value of Ubimax’s wearable computing & augmented reality.

By today, Ubimax Frontline is already deployed at over 200 enterprises, generating real world benefits that are changing the way enterprises view augmented reality. Based on use cases, Jan illustrates how our customers approach current requirements of industry 4.0 by means of Ubimax Frontline. With the launch of Frontline Creator, Ubimax has taken the superpowers of AR to the next level. The new graphical authoring & publishing tool for the creation of wearable computing & augmented reality applications is available as part of the Ubimax Frontline platform. Shop floor managers can use Frontline Creator to easily configure wearable computing applications as well as existing workflows on the fly–without being an IT professional.

Join Jan & learn how Ubimax continues to push the limits of how we work with IT today!


  Jan Junker

Jan Junker

Chief Commercial Officer, Ubimax GmbH

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