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Automating the first step of the last mile

How to improve your inbound logistics by unloading loose-loaded containers automatically

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In the logistics industry it becomes very difficult to find staff willing to do heavy physical work in demanding working conditions, resulting in disruption of the continuity of business processes. Companies attribute more value to the health and safety of their workers and must comply with ever stricter health & safety regulations. The trend is to improve efficiency and effectiveness by implementing automation and robotization of the total logistic chain. In most logistics companies the unloading of containers is the only manual handling in a further fully automated inbound process. Copal Handling Systems develops and manufactures automatic unloading and palletizing systems. Loose-loaded containers with cartons or bags can be stripped and palletized without physical effort. Copal can make the “first step of the last mile” more efficient by automating this weak part of the inbound process. Do you want to know how? Join us at the Speakers Corner and we will go into this in detail.


  Thomas Hieltjes

Thomas Hieltjes

Area Sales Manager, Copal Handling Systems

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