HANNOVER MESSE 2020, 20. - 24. April

NFC logger

Calibrated, easy-to-use and miniature

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NFC data logger is a device made for monitoring of temperature sensitive products during transport Smaller than a credit card, these loggers can be directly inserted in the boxes and their temperature limits can be personalized: 15-25°C, 2-8°C or any other limits. A button enables to start and stop recordings. In case of a temperature breach, a red diode will switch on and alert the recipient of a problem. A simple reading with a smartphone or other hand-held device equipped with the NFC technology will then enable the recipient to check the whole temperature history and especially of the breach. This data is then automatically uploaded to a secure cloud-based database accessible via an online web portal. The logger can also be programmed with all information regarding shipping and the products, in order to simplify even more logistics. It can be for instance linked to the tracking number of a shipment or serial number of a pallet / container for easy identifcation and data analysis. Reusable or single-use, with autonomy ranging from 1 month to 2 years, this solution is also particularly affordable and uses fully calibrated sensors with ± 0.2°C precision between 0 and 30°C.

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