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i-Drive - Permanent Magnet Motor Control

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The i-Drive permanent magnet motor speed controller has been
designed specifically for applications such as walk-behind floorcare
machines and small materials handling devices. i-Drive provides a
combination of features, protection, and cost-effectiveness unmatched
by any other controller on the market today.

i-Drive is available with 45A, 70A, 140A, 180A and 200A power outputs
for both 24V and 36V system voltages, and employs advanced control
algorithms for smooth and precise speed control. In addition to the
main motor output, the i-Drive features 3 auxiliary outputs with
programmable operating modes and timers. These outputs can be used
to drive solenoid brakes, brush and vacuum relays, warning alarms or
similar devices.

The electronics of the i-Drive are sealed against water ingress to IPx5,
and when the optional connector sealing system is fitted, the cable
connections are protected to IPx4. Low impedance inputs and current
limited output drivers provide full protection against electrical faults
and wiring errors. These features allow the i-Drive to function safely
and reliably in the harshest of environments.

The powerful on-board diagnostics log records the details of system
problems for all electrical items connected to the i-Drive, allowing
difficult, intermittent wiring problems to be solved rapidly. A run timer
is also included, so that the total number of hours that the machine has
been driven is recorded. Programming is achieved by PGDT hand-held
devices or PC based programming software.

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