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Hydraulic Motor

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The JTEKT HPI range of hydraulic gear motors has a capacity of 0.5 to 250 cm3/rev. with a peak pressure up to 250 bar, excellent start-up pressure and flow conditions, and is the widest on the market.

They are modular in design and suitable to all market standards: ISO, DIN, SAE, Italian type, etc...

Thanks to the exclusive CIP 3G compensation JTEKT HPI hydraulic motors can start at very low pressures and flows, it is thus possible to implement assemblies of several motors in series without a start-up problem.motors can start at very low pressures and flows.

JTEKT HPI motors incorporate hydraulic functions such as :

- Pressure relief valve
- Pressure relief valve controlled by electro-poppet-valve or proportional valve
- Anti-cavitation poppet valve

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