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Hannover a perfect platform for Dutch rental supremos.
In addition to its specialist machinery for specific uses, Dutch elevating platform and telehandler expert Riwal will also be showcasing its international rental credentials at CeMAT 2018.

10 Apr. 2018

Hannover a perfect platform for Dutch rental supremos
In addition to its specialist machinery for specific uses, Dutch elevating platform and telehandler expert Riwal will also be showcasing its international rental credentials at CeMAT 2018.

Hiring elevating platforms is normally a complex business for international companies. In most cases, the usual language barriers are compounded by local customs and difficulties in maintaining an overview of all the regulations and safety requirements. Riwal International Rental (RIR), which has its headquarters in Dordrecht, is aiming to make platforms available in virtually every country in the world so as to ensure the global success of platform rental operations. Customers will even be able to use platforms simultaneously in different countries.

Riwal offers elevating platforms for a wide range of tasks, such as the installation of rack systems in new logistics centers or maintenance work and stocktaking in existing warehouses. The company's own global branch network and its use of partners should make it possible to find a solution almost any time and any place. The scope of services includes pre-rental advice, transportation, supplying platforms at the location of use and a 24-hour on-site technical service. Track & trace solutions are available, too, which should ensure equipment always remains on site and is operated exclusively by authorized users.
Riwal Holding Group B.V. (NL-Dordrecht, Netherlands), Open Air Site, Am Hermesturm, Stand M62
Contact: Robert Van der Cruysen
Tel.: +49 800 300 1100

Fully charged!
Energy-efficient and gentle battery charging technology? Alternative drive technologies? Standard-compliant equipment for charging rooms and stations? Whatever your power needs, Fronius Perfect Charging from Austria probably has the solution, and it is showcasing its huge product and service portfolio at CeMAT 2018.

The company hopes to help CeMAT visitors track down the perfect solutions for optimizing the long-term operating costs of their intralogistics systems. Whether classic lead batteries, lithium-ion batteries, or fuel cells, Fronius helps industrial truck operators find the most cost-effective drive technology for their fleet and roll out bespoke fully comprehensive systems. The international company aims to consolidate its reputation as a technological pioneer for the charging of drive and starter batteries – which is why it is presenting its wide-ranging products, services and consulting offerings at CeMAT 2018.

Visitors to the company's stand can explore the pros and cons of various drive technologies and find a skilled partner for all the latest issues, such as new energy efficiency laws, green logistics, quick charging and opportunity charging. Among the many exhibits on show is the Selectiva series of charging devices, which is said to offer the most advanced, efficient and gentle charging process for lead-acid batteries on the market - Ri charging. The charging characteristic in this process adapts to the age, capacity and state of charge of the connected battery, for example, which minimizes charging losses and harmful warming. The end result is that users can benefit from significantly lower power consumption and an extended battery service life. The Selectiva devices are also suitable for use with lithium-ion batteries.
Fronius International GmbH (AUT-Wels, Austria), Hall 26, Stand L09
Contact: Boris Ringwald
Mobile.: +43 664 60241 6436

Weak links? No way!
The Austrian premium chain manufacturer pewag is known not just for its high-quality industrial chain products, but also for its services covering the lifting, moving and securing of goods. At the Hannover-based CeMAT fair, pewag is unveiling an innovative new chain shortening element.

Based in the city of Graz, Austria, the company has hundreds of years of experience manufacturing chains and components. The first documented mention of its original forge in Brückl dates back to 1479 - since then, pewag has developed into one of the world’s leading chain manufacturers. Pewag’s success is due to its production of mature, quality products - invariably reflecting the latest state of the art. Its innovative and predominately patented products continue to set new standards in the chain industry.

As thinkers outside the box, pewag wants to make increasing use of technologies based on the roots of its expertise to promote the growth of its products. The aim is to create new ideas to revolutionize a traditional industry and allow it to keep growing. A good example of this is the ISWP Inline shortener, making its public debut at CeMAT 2018 in Hannover. An innovative new shortening element will soon be added to the pewag winner pro portfolio, with the goal of rounding out the company's "winner pro" product portfolio. The ISWP Inline shortener, which is now in the final development stages, will be available soon. According to its developers, its outstanding feature will be tool-free positioning anywhere along the entire length of the chain. In addition, it will be possible to operate the shortening element with just one hand, making it even more user-friendly. It will furthermore not even be necessary to reduce the load capacity when using the shortening element. Visitors to CeMAT can view all the latest developments concerning the ISWP shortening element at the Austrian company's exhibition stand.
pewag austria GmbH (AUT-Graz, Austria), Hall 24, Stand A44
Contact: Stefan Duller
Tel.: +49 230 39813 186

Nothing off-the-shelf here!
Kardex Remstar is showcasing its high-performance warehouse storage systems at CeMAT under the banner "Efficient intralogistics - optimum results thanks to tailored solutions". Adapted precisely to customers’ specific needs, these solutions never fail to ensure perfect results in the warehouse.

Intralogistics is no different to any other industry today - a lot can be standardized, but by no means does this apply to everything. The innovative warehouse and material supply systems with tailor-made software packages from Kardex Remstar provide businesses across all sectors with highly customized solutions that satisfy the wide-ranging demands of intralogistics. Under the banner "Efficient intralogistics - optimum results thanks to tailored solutions", the company is at CeMAT 2018 to showcase its customer-focused approach with tried-and-tested technology.

The Shuttle XP vertical warehouse lift system on show at the company stand is demonstrating the dynamic workflow processes during storage, retrieval and order picking. The modular automated high-bay warehouse system behind the solution functions according to the ‘goods-to-person’ principle and makes optimum use of ceiling height while taking up minimum floor space. Each Shuttle XP system from Kardex can be deployed as a standalone solution or expanded to create a combined system. What’s more, the Kardex Powerwall is offering CeMAT visitors an impressive virtual experience. Even before building has begun, operators can use this system to produce detailed drafts of entire logistics systems and optimize them at any stage of a given project, thereby cutting project implementation periods and boosting planning reliability.
Kardex Deutschland GmbH (D-Neuburg, Germany), Hall 20, Stand C63
Contact: Alexander Schuh
Tel.: +49 8283 999 271

A wheely neat e-solution
The wheel and rims specialist WHYRES – Wheels & Tyres has chosen CeMAT 2018 to unveil its new e-Drive emissions-free unit for powering intralogistics vehicles.

WHYRES - Wheels & Tyres from south-western Germany specializes in custom-designing and manufacturing special and industrial wheel rims. While its experts aren't looking to reinvent the wheel, they are constantly on the lookout for smart solutions to everyday intralogistics needs. The company has chosen CeMAT 2018 in Hannover to unveil its latest brainchild - the innovative, electronic "e Drive" unit.

The e Drive is designed to attach directly onto the wheel so as to channel up to 85 percent of the energy applied into propulsive force. Its immense efficiency and high torque make the unit the perfect choice for almost any electrically powered intralogistics vehicle, particularly for transporting heavy loads. Whether fitted to GSE, ATV or towing vehicles, the e-Drive unit fulfills every requirement efficiently, quietly and with zero emissions.
WHYRES - Wheels & Tyres GbR (D-Reutlingen), Hall 26, Stand A22/1
Contact: Nedim Yilmaz
Tel.: +49 7121 380361

Fast and flexible docking
Dock levelers, dock shelters, insulated loadhouses, scissor-arm platforms, industrial gates and mobile loading ramps - BUTT GmbH is the first port of call for customized solutions for the entire loading industry. The company is showcasing the latest generation of its mobile loading ramps at CeMAT 2018.

The key to cutting-edge logistics surely lies in speed and efficiency, especially when it comes to loading and unloading trucks and containers. One of the main ways of saving time is to optimize loading conditions – but it’s not always possible to construct solid installations for this purpose. The time and effort that BUTT GmbH, a family-run medium-sized business with its own production plant, has plowed into addressing this issue has made it Germany’s market leader in mobile loading ramps. One of the company’s clearest strengths lies in its honed ability to customize the dimensions and features of its range of different ramp designs to precisely meet customers’ requirements. BUTT is showcasing the latest exciting development in its ingenious solutions at CeMAT 2018 in Hannover.

To further improve the speed and reliability of the loading process, the company has come up with a clever way of combining its electrohydraulic telescopic dock levelers with other manufacturers' mobile loading ramps. This both simplifies docking with transportation vehicles and eliminates the risk of dropped loads. What’s more, the special design also extends the drive width compared to conventional systems. The ramp can bear an impressive twelve metric tons and is quick and easy to operate using a multi-button control, so everything’'s swiftly in place for a forklift to get straight down to work on shifting the load.
BUTT GmbH (D-Großenkneten, Germany), Hall 26, Stand H02
Contact: Hans-Jochen Butt
Tel.: +49 4435 9618-0

Where was that plug again?!
The industrial battery manufacturing specialist Banner has chosen CeMAT to showcase its tailor-made solutions for maximizing energy efficiency in smart warehouse logistics.

In the interest of enhanced networking, this year's CeMAT is running in parallel with HANNOVER MESSE - a decision welcomed by many companies, as it enables a whole host of interdisciplinary solutions to be shown in all their glory. One prime example is provided by the innovative management systems for industrial batteries from battery specialist Banner. Besides its high-quality range of battery solutions and end-to-end service and consulting, the company stand at CeMAT is focusing in particular on its sustainable and pioneering Banner SELECT chargers featuring active inverter technology.

"Smart energy solutions have always been a top priority for our company. That's why we recommend our energy packages based on our high-quality energy storage devices and innovative Banner SELECT charging technology, which - depending on the size of the fleet and degree of usage - can also be expanded to include control systems, fleet management and corresponding services. This will be our main focus at the trade fair," says Josef Berger, head of the Banner Group’s industrial batteries business unit. "We constantly strive toward opening up new opportunities, such as charging warehouse vehicles at the mains and thereby minimizing energy losses and optimizing operating costs," Berger adds.
Banner GmbH (AUT-Linz, Austria), Hall 26, Stand H17
Contact: Franz A. Märzinger
Tel.: +43 732 3888 215 00

Conveying for the tightest of spaces that grows with your needs!
Quick MOVE GmbH is at CeMAT in Hannover to showcase its patented modular conveying system. Thanks to small radii and three-dimensional design freedom, the route guidance system is extremely flexible and compact.

Conveying systems, alongside forklifts, of course, are nothing new - they've been part and parcel of intralogistics for years. But this year's CeMAT is demonstrating that even this well-established field is continuously evolving on an impressive scale. That's why Quick MOVE GmbH, a subsidiary of the Goffin Group, is showcasing its patented conveying system for industrial applications, which is designed to be adaptable in every way imaginable, fitting into the tightest of spaces.

Thanks to its modular design and small radii, Quick MOVE can be used for a whole host of applications and work around almost any spatial restrictions. The route guidance system can run horizontally, vertically, diagonally and around any curve. Any number of loading and unloading stations can be integrated at any position. What’s more, the modular concept ensures the system is incredibly easy to assemble, modify and extend. Quick Move GmbH tailors its services to the customer’s problems and requirements and its services encompass the entire project management, installation and startup. Upon request, the company also takes care of maintenance - although the manufacturer is confident there won't be much to worry about on that score.
Quick MOVE GmbH (D-Köln, Germany), Hall 21, Stand B20
Contact: Michael Suttmeier
Tel.: +49 221 39760 204

An end-to-end software solution coming your way
After fifteen successful years in the Benelux region, Dutch software developer Diract IT has chosen CeMAT to launch its Ceyenne software suite with integrated warehouse management on the German market.

Diract IT is one of the leading software companies for e-commerce and warehouse management solutions. Its software developers boast no less than fifteen years' experience in working with intelligent software to provide customers with the perfect solution for their logistics and e-commerce processes. After achieving strong growth in the Benelux region with more than fifty international customers, the company is seizing the opportunity to venture onto the German market. And where better to take that step than at CeMAT, the world's leading trade fair for intralogistics?

The company's core product is Ceyenne, a modular suite for warehouse management, product information management, BI solutions and automatic order and price processing. What makes the software so unique is its high level of process intelligence and flexible integration options. Thanks to the modular design, for example, Ceyenne can be deployed as an entire package or integrated as a separate module into existing ERP systems or online store solutions. At the heart of the software is a warehouse management system (WMS) that controls all warehouse processes – from receiving and storing goods right through to order picking and dispatch. In addition to managing these fundamental processes, the system is designed to support all supplementary processes required in the warehouse, including returns, value-added logistics, quality controls, production support, inventory inspections and cycle counting.
Diract IT B.V. (NL-Almere, Netherlands), Hall 19, Stand A93
Contact: Alexander Cizik
Tel.: +43 650 9928 029

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