CeMAT 2020, 20 - 24 April
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Accreditation of CeMAT Bloggers

CeMAT offers a unique platform for blog operators, bloggers and company blog managers: In today's world of digitized business processes and networked factories, smart intralogistics solutions are vital for commercial survival. They also offer major opportunities for growth. Discover a world of exciting new possibilities at the leading trade fair for intralogistics and supply chain management.

CeMAT Press ID

Accreditation Regulations


Accreditation is possible under the following conditions:

1. You are a verifiable operator of an independent blog

  • Your blog addresses a core CeMAT target group or focus topic.
  • Your blog is established, i.e. it has existed for at least six months (at the time of the start of the trade fair) and receives an appreciable volume of traffic (page impressions).
  • Relevant blog entries are published regularly (at least three entries per week).

2. You are an active blogger

  • You demonstrably and regularly write relevant articles on CeMAT core topics which are published in established blogs (see 1).
  • You are extensively networked in the social media with the readers of your blog entries.

3. You have editorial responsibility for a corporate blog

  • You have editorial responsibility for the corporate blog of a company of which you are an employee. The company or the themes of the blog must be relevant to CeMAT.

Online and On-Site Accreditation

You may sign up online up to one day before the show. After verification, you will receive an e-mail assigning you your personal eTicket. You can then redeem this ticket on site at the Press Center for your documents.

Alternatively, you can get your accreditation in the Press Center on the fairground.

Your accreditation grants you access and services for the entire duration of CeMAT.

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