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X-ray inspecs

Ishida, the specialist in innovative packaging technologies for the food and non-food sectors, is at CeMAT 2016 to showcase the new IX-GN-4044 X-ray inspection system. This top-of-the-range model is specially designed for meat and poultry manufacturers and processors.

29 May. 2016

Before goods can be shipped to the customer, it’s the sender’s duty to ensure they are in immaculate condition. This applies first and foremost to companies that manufacture or process food. Ishida Co. Ltd, which was founded in Japan in 1893 and originally specialized in weighing technology, is now one of the leading manufacturers of X-ray inspection systems used for quality control. At CeMAT 2016 in Hannover, Ishida GmbH (the subsidiary responsible for Germany and Austria) is showcasing the IX GN 4044 – the new top-end, maximum-sensitivity model of the Group’s Ishida X-ray inspection systems for meat and poultry applications.

The ground-breaking detection technology in the new IX-GN-4044 delivers outstanding image resolution, which optimizes the search for minute impurities – whether steel, aluminum, tin, glass, stone, hard rubber, plastic, bone or shell. It even works at very high speeds. Ishida’s patented "genetic algorithm" (GA) technology can also 'train' the X-ray inspection system for greater sensitivity to specific contaminants. What’s more, the new design is easier to clean and fulfills even the most stringent hygiene requirements. Of course, the new X-ray inspection system boasts a number of important quality-control functions – it can sort products by length, identify deformations, check for completeness, detect voids in the product and estimate weight.