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World's strongest drum!

The Interroll Group, the world's leading producer of key products for internal logistics, is once again looking to set new standards in state-of-the-art material flow solutions - this time with an unrivaled new synchronous drum motor for conveyor belt systems.

14 Jun. 2017
Interroll Trommelmotor

Interroll says its new, certified 1.1 kilowatt synchronous drum motor for conveyor belt systems is the most powerful of its kind in the world. The drive's exceptionally high torque and very strong belt pull are sure to impress users in the logistics sector and make it perfect for tasks that require a high throughput of transported goods. "Our drum motors help system integrators and plant engineers all over the world to produce powerful, energy-efficient and compact conveyor solutions," says Dr. Hauke Tiedemann, Managing Director of Interroll Trommelmotoren GmbH in Baal, Germany. "Our engineers' extensive expertise in technology and experience in meeting customers' needs has flowed into the new synchronous drum motors, which now add a higher performance class to our product portfolio. This innovation provides Interroll’s customers with a flexible and efficient solution to help realize new application scenarios in their material flow."

Its new motor promises belt speeds of up to 3.34 meters per second and can handle steep accelerator and decelerator ramps with ease. What's more, the entirely stainless-steel drive also meets the most stringent hygiene standards. The design and construction of this fully enclosed drive comply with the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) guidelines, and all the materials used are certified according to the USDA/FDA's specifications and the EU's (EC) 1935/2004 regulation. This means Interroll's new synchronous drum motor will please the food and pharmaceutical industries in particular, with a drive solution that stands to cut cleaning and disinfection times by up to 30 percent compared to those using conventional geared motors. As Interroll says, its exceptionally high energy yield provides even further incentive for using the new drive - thanks to motors that demonstrate no more than nine-percent loss of power. The hardened-steel planetary gear unit is designed to transfer between 92 and 95 percent of the available power directly to the conveyor system, which slashes the energy required compared to alternative drive systems.

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