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A handy alternative to cumbersome control cables is now on the cards with radio remote controls for JDN hoists and crane systems - and the new compact JDN-RC receiver standardizes control technology for the job.

26 Apr. 2017
JDN radio control transmitter

J.D. Neuhaus GmbH Co. KG (JDN) has come up with an entirely new concept for controlling hoists and crane systems with its new JDN-RC receiver. A key feature is the compact design, which fits all the required components into an extremely small space-saving housing made of shock-resistant glass fiber-reinforced plastic with protection class IP 65. The system is also designed to be easy to install. What's more, the standardized interface means the JDN-RC can be retrofitted to existing JDN products, such as the Profi series.

The receiver is fixed either to the travel carriage or, in the case of stationary hoists, to the hoist itself or nearby. The manufacturer states that JDN radio remote controls are suitable for use up to zone 2/22. The ergonomically designed transmitter included in the set is extremely robust, in part due to the breathable membrane that conducts condensation moisture to the outside and ensures that no dust or water can penetrate. Here, too, the IP 65 protection standard is supported. There is even a version resistant to sea water for offshore assignments. The transmitter can work in temperatures from -20 to +55 degrees Celsius and the receiver from -25 to +55 °C. It has a start/horn push button and an operating status and low voltage display for performing single or two-step commands. The set also includes a charger, Ex battery (for up to 20 hours' operating time) and a waist belt.

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