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Wiesel your way to streamlined logistics!

KAMAG Transporttechnik GmbH & Co. KG is showing visitors to CeMAT 2018 how its automated logistics systems redefine logistics processes - with the E-Wiesel AGV way up front.

28 Feb. 2018
KAMAG E-Wiesel

KAMAG is ushering in a new era in driverless transportation systems (DTS) and automated guide vehicles (AGV) with its E-Wiesel AGV. The aim is to make on-site material flows more efficient, profitable and sustainable than ever before. The sophisticated sensor technology embedded in the E-Wiesel AGV is designed to ensure operational safety during crossover traffic of loads containing up to 30 metric tons of palletized or non-palletized goods. Thanks to its electric battery-operated driving system, it is also emissions-free.

KAMAG views cranes and roller conveyors as a thing of the past – dangerous, unreliable and cumbersome. The E-Wiesel AGV is therefore designed as a smart and reliable alternative that perfectly intertwines different processes and thus moves logistics into the future. While its mechanical and optical sensors make the KAMAG E-Wiesel AGV the perfect solution for crossover traffic operations, its chain conveyors and lifting hydraulics also ensure rapid loading. The additional sensors and master computer onboard the speedy AGV provide operators with a reliable solution that is also designed with efficiency, sustainability and the environment in mind. You can find out what makes the KAMAG E Wiesel AGV so special at CeMAT 2018.

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KAMAG Transporttechnik at CeMAT

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