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When sparks fly

Robotics startup Magazino has won first prize in "The Spark - The German Digital Award" with its software stack ACROS. A type of operating system for robots, ACROS is already being used in the logistics robots TORU and SOTO developed by Magazino.

21 Nov. 2018
MAGAZINO-Perception guided robot TORU

ACROS stands for Advanced Cooperative Robot Operation System - a development that enables robots such as TORU to put in a truly impressive performance. Operating on an entirely autonomous basis in the warehouses of e-commerce retailers, TORU finds items that have been ordered online on the shelves, picks them and takes them to the shipping station. Thanks to a multitude of sensors and 3D camera data, the robots can operate alongside employees. TORU has proven itself to be ideal in the shoe warehouses of logistics suppliers such as Fiege Logistik and at fashion mail order company Zalando, where it helps employees store and retrieve shoes that have been ordered online.

Due to its modular design, ACROS supports the development of intelligent and mobile robots and their implementation on site. It is also set to coordinate and control entire fleets of robots in the future. A global knowledge database, where know-how is generated using data from all robots operated with ACROS - a perfect example of deep learning - will establish a basis for the artificial intelligence (AI) of the robots. "To ensure they can cope in the real world on a genuinely autonomous basis and learn intelligent behavior, robots need a kind of brain - our ACROS solution is a first step in that direction," says Dr. Moritz Tenorth, CTO at Magazino.

For the first time, ACROS makes it possible to program a whole range of different robots quickly and easily using one overarching "operating system". If the actual intelligence is written into the code, robots can be interchanged as straightforward hardware. ACROS is thus less an individual piece of software and more a complete software stack with program modules for detecting objects, freely navigating in warehouses, planning gripper movements and communicating about work orders with the warehouse's ERP system. However, ACROS does so much more, offering added value in areas such as remote maintenance and fleet management, as a database for items and orders and as a command center in the warehouse.

Magazino GmbH (80687 Munich, Germany)

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