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Industrial trucks

Two million drives and counting!

ABM Greiffenberger has supplied no less than two million drives for applications in material flow systems. The company has now chosen CeMAT 2018 to demonstrate a new bevel gearbox as a versatile platform solution.

18 Apr. 2018
ABM Greiffenberger

ABM Greiffenberger Antriebstechnik GmbH has specially developed the TDB230/254 Kombi bevel gearbox for use in electrically driven industrial trucks. The new component is designed to be easily integrated into existing vehicles, offering operators a flexible platform solution that exhibits high torque, keeps noise to a minimum and boasts an impressive service life.

With the TDB230/254 Kombi, the drive specialist ABM is eager to take system integration to the next level. The bevel gearbox can be deployed for wheel diameters of 230 and 254 mm and can also be delivered preassembled directly on the drive wheel in combination with a steering drive and redundant steering control. The solution is an ideal upgrade for operating systems, which, thanks to the plug-and-play principle, can be assembled without major outlay. At CeMAT 2018 in Hannover, the expert engineers from ABM are keen to showcase how the TDB230/254 Kombi creates a highly efficient gear unit that, even with a small battery, exhibits a long and reliable service life. For controlling the steering and other functions, the solution features various sensors that enable the operator to monitor the position of the drive directly on the wheel, for instance. As a result, errors are spotted at an early stage, ensuring a high degree of process reliability and reducing maintenance costs. The gearbox comes in various versions and motor variants and, with a maximum motor performance of 4 kW, is designed to generate 15 % more torque than previous models.

ABM Greiffenberger Antriebstechnik at CeMAT

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