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The door to maximum safety

EFAFLEX, the Bavarian door and safety specialist, is at CeMAT 2016 in Hannover with two new high-speed safety doors that help protect both humans and machines.

01 Jun. 2016

In any automated industrial environment, ensuring the safety of production personnel clearly takes priority, but it is also crucial to protect technical equipment and products from damage caused by careless human activity. High-speed safety doors are designed to address both these concerns. Equipped with intelligent control and monitoring mechanisms, they are used to protect humans and machines alike. Bruckberg-based industrial door specialist EFAFLEX is at CeMAT 2016 with two cutting-edge new safety doors that offer state-of-the-art solutions - the EFA-SST-MS high-speed spiral door and the EFA-SRT-MS high-speed roller door.

Both doors are designed specifically for industrial use and have exceptionally low maintenance requirements. To help ensure the safety of personnel working with machines and equipment, these doors can be used in combination with the machinery’s control system as stand-alone safety separators. The safety limit switch – which is responsible for the locking action and for checking the door is in the safely locked position - can be connected to the relevant machine control system. The main closing edge is secured via a contact strip and an optional light barrier. What’s more, operators can install additional protection for the area in front of the door on the basis of a risk assessment.

EFAFLEX Tor- und Sicherheitssysteme GmbH & Co. KG (84079 Bruckberg, Germany), Hall 13, Stand C12



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