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The boom Industry 4.0 has been waiting for

The BEUMER Group is looking to move further in the direction of Industry 4.0 with its new BOOM app for mobile tracking of entire packaging lines. BOOM is short for BEUMER Overall Operation Monitoring.

12 Jul. 2017
Beumer PI App

The BEUMER Group, a leading international intralogistics manufacturer with a portfolio including everything from conveying, loading, palletizing and packaging technology to sorting and distribution equipment, has now developed the BEUMER Overall Operation Monitoring app - an application that offers staff a continuous overview of all relevant packaging line parameters on their mobile devices. According to BEUMER, the new BOOM app is able to display the current availability, performance and quality levels, and energy and compressed air consumption.

The possibilities of the new BOOM app will ensure efficient operation of all systems, all the more since the program can also be adapted to customers' specific requirements. With this newly developed app, the BEUMER Group is looking to move further in the direction of Industry 4.0 and enable its customers to keep a constant eye on the current status of filling, palletizing and packaging equipment attached to their systems on mobile devices. The app's clear display of all lines complete with key parameters provides staff with important information about the effectiveness of the entire line, including availability, energy/compressed air consumption and the performance/quality level of the line or the single machines. Users can quickly evaluate all data and display this as a diagram or a comparison of target and actual performance. The BEUMER Group's new app can be adapted to specific user requirements, so it is also possible to introduce additional parameters, change line configurations and add further dashboards.

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