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Munich-based startup Magazino is at CeMAT in Hannover this year with the TORU Cube – the latest version of a mobile picker robot that can now also be used for rectangular objects.

28 May. 2016

There are sectors where startups are now driving progress. For instance, up-and-coming companies even have their own dedicated display area at CeBIT, the world’s leading trade fair for digital business. By contrast, CeMAT 2016 – the world's leading trade fair for intralogistics and supply chain management - is a little more conservative, featuring predominantly well-established (although no less innovative) manufacturers and exhibitors. However, a closer look reveals there are several industry newcomers here, as well. One example is Munich-based robotics startup Magazino, which is making full use of this unique opportunity to present its TORU Cube mobile picker robot to an international audience.

An optimized version of an earlier prototype, the TORU Cube combines intelligent object recognition with high-precision gripper technology, and now also supports item-specific picking for rectangular objects such as books, cartons and shoeboxes. The TORU Cube consists of a mobile base, a retractable and rotatable column with a gripper system, and a new detachable picking shelf with configurable levels. Meanwhile, the rotating lifting column has a variable operating height of 10 cm to 200 cm and supports picking on both sides of a warehouse aisle with a distinctly human-like range of mobility. An integrated safety laser ensures obstacles are avoided and also responds to real human colleagues so that they can work together in harmony.

Magazino GmbH (80687 Munich, Germany), Hall 27, Stand C55


Magazino at CeMAT

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