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Successful partnership

CeMAT and transport logistic: united by digitalization. Deutsche Messe and Messe München continue their successful partnership.

04 Nov. 2015

CeMAT is a trade show dedicated to the internal logistics (aka intralogistics) sector, and "transport logistic," as its name suggests, is a trade show dedicated to the external logistics sector. Both shows have a strong focus on digitalization because digitalization links internal and external logistics and is a source of unprecedented challenges for both sectors. CeMAT's perspective on these challenges is encapsulated in its lead theme, "Smart Supply Chain Solutions" – a reflection of the pivotal role of logistics in today’s increasingly digitalized and integrated industrial value chains.

The digitalization trend is revolutionizing entire value chains and creating completely new business models. This poses new challenges both for providers of internal logistics technology and for providers of external transport logistics services, whose future success hinges on the efficiency and capabilities of their logistics centers. "These factors lend added importance to our partnership with Deutsche Messe because the future of logistics lies in digitalization – as was made abundantly clear at our transport logistics show in May of this year. We are therefore pleased to be playing a part in shaping the Logistics 4.0 trend in Hannover. And we are confident that we will further boost the number of classic transport logistic exhibitors participating at the next CeMAT," said Dr. Robert Schönberger, the Exhibition Group Director in charge of the transport logistic show at Messe München GmbH.

The transport logistic showcase at next year’s CeMAT will be sited in the northern section of Hall 27, where it will benefit from synergies with the immediately adjacent Logistics IT showcase. With its enlarged exhibition footprint and dedicated forum, the Logistics IT showcase will be one of the hall's main visitor attractions. Its theme lineup includes Cloud Computing, Mobile Devices, Interfaces, Intelligent Tracking and Tracing, Network Planning, Big Data, WMS, Image Processing, and Virtualization.

Hall 27 will also be home to "Innovative Logistics Solutions," a special showcase where providers of intralogistics technologies and external transport logistics services will be able to partner to present a fully automated, fully functional Logistics 4.0 supply chain. The showcase will provide detailed insights into the innovative products and solutions on display and will highlight their unique benefits within the context of a full-fledged supply chain.

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