CeMAT 2020, 20 - 24 April
Warehousing systems technology

Storage is good - but control is better!

i.cupboard from Digi Sens AG is a stock control system that automatically recognizes when goods are placed in storage or removed. Boasting RFID-controlled access monitoring and automated cost center allocation, Digi Sens believes i.cupboard is the next big thing in materials management technology.

11 Sep. 2018

Established near Bern in Switzerland in 1993, Digi Sens AG develops, manufactures and sells automatic stock level management systems based on oscillating wire technology. This involves integrated electronics exciting a wire, which oscillates at a specific frequency that changes in direct proportion to any force that is applied. Frequency changes in the wire are detected by sensors and then converted into highly precise measurements. i.cupboard from Digi Sense is an innovative stock control system that is based primarily on this technology but also offers much more besides.

i.cupboard has been developed to ensure users can keep track of material removal and other stock management activities. Depending on which of the four different shelf designs (with either one, four, six or eight balances) are installed, each i.cupboard can help companies manage up to 96 different stock items. In fact, the balances integrated into these shelves are so sensitive that they can automatically detect the removal of a single screw and log it in inventory management. Not only is the system designed to provide a complete real-time overview of all storage activities, it can also automatically trigger repeat orders to prevent stock shortages. What's more, a multi reader is included for added security, managing access to the i.cupboard based on personal RFID cards. All the data and activities logged by i.cupboard are also collected on an integrated computer and transmitted to a server via an LAN or GSM connection. As a result, authorized users can access stock levels online whenever they like.

Digi Sens AG (3280 Murten, Switzerland)