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Smart order-picking in the context of Industry 4.0

Together with the trade magazine MM Logistik, CeMAT provided an overview of new order-picking solutionsat the Vogel publishing house in Würzburg.

15 Feb. 2016

The event was sold out with roughly 120 participants. Professor Willibald Günthner from TU München pointed out in his presentation that it is predominantly older members of staff who work at picking stations. Günthner stressed that reconciling age and performance capability requires the protection of health above all else. It is essential that more order-picking solutions be found which help avoid lifting work and walking distances.

"After automation comes the autonomisation of technology," said Markus Müllerschön, Vice President at viastore Software GmbH. "Agents and sensors can even help predict faults, making it possible to prevent and avoid them." Andreas Oy, Global Sales Manager at SSI Schäfer Noell, went a step further and showcased order-picking robots which drive to different order-picking zones independently, allowing the order picker to remain at his or her station. Attachments of varying lengths transform lifting into pushing. Case shells from the BEUMER Group also operate on an autonomous basis, but within a sorting facility. Dr. Andreas Werner, Head of Research and Development at BEUMER, explained: "The systems coordinate with one another; the case shells route themselves through the system autonomously."

Wolfgang Pech, Head of Division at Deutsche Messe AG, summed up the event: "Smart supply chain solutions, such as those showcased at CeMAT, require customised software for high-automation solutions."