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Warehousing systems technology

Say it like you mean it - voice-supported picking

Dortmund-based proLogistik GmbH + Co KG, an established developer of hardware and software solutions for warehouse processes, has released Version 9.40 of its voice system for increased flexibility in voice-supported picking.

20 Sep. 2017

Known collectively as "pick-by-voice", paperless voice-supported dialog systems are designed to optimize work processes during order picking. Systems of this kind allow users to keep their hands and line of vision free, resulting in fewer mistakes than during paper-based picking, as well as quicker work. With users able to be more observant of the surrounding environment, the risk of accidents is also reduced. What’s more, the technology is exceptionally versatile. In addition to picking, voice-supported dialog systems can be used in stock management, quality assurance and even machine control. The pro-Voice solution from proLogistik is a system already used to great success in a wide range of applications – from industry, trade and production right through to the automotive sector, aviation and healthcare.

Version 9.40, the latest release update for the voice system, comes with several new functions for increased user flexibility. While the tried-and-tested key features of the speaker-independent dialog system remain unchanged, the new developments focus specifically on mobility and comfort. For instance, Microsoft Excel compatibility has been introduced so that order positions can be entered directly into Excel via WLAN, as well as manually. What’s more, thanks to a range of standardized integration options, pro-Voice can be connected to any ERP and LVS. As proLogistik is keen to emphasize, the interface can also be fully integrated with SAP and is thus exceptionally easy to get up and running.

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