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SAP Leonardo

SAP Leonardo makes it easy to innovate with the latest technologies, integrate them into your business, and scale seamlessly as your company grows.

11 Apr. 2018
SAP Leonardo

What’s new/innovative about it?

SAP Leonardo integrates all the latest technologies and services into one intelligent system. It is adaptable to every industry and yet customizable for every single company.

Does the product have a USP?

SAP Leonardo is a unique product, or more specifically portfolio of products, which enables companies of all sizes to either start or intensify their digital transformation, thanks to its adaptability and versatility.

What is the product’s main benefit for the customer?

SAP Leonardo enables innovation and learning even greater than the sum of its parts. From the cloud platform to the applications themselves, SAP Leonardo is open, extendable, and ready to be woven into every facet of your business.

Can these benefits be expressed in numbers?

Revenue growth is 25% faster than the industry average based on new business models.

SAP Leonardo enabled a customer to lower their maintenance costs by 10%.

In what way does the product relate to the motto of HANNOVER MESSE and/or CeMAT (“Integrated Industry – Connect & Collaborate” and/or “Connected Supply Chain”)?

SAP Leonardo uses IoT Technologies, which main mission is to connect things with people and processes. Therefore, SAP Leonardo is the embodiment of “Connected”.

In what way does the product contribute to integrated processes and/or Industry 4.0?

SAP Leonardo becomes an integral part of all the business processes and is thus integrated in the entire value chain. In doing so, the speed, efficiency and sustainability are improved, as the sales and logistics processes are coordinated and the collaborative work within the supply chain is improved as well.

To what extent does the product reflect the idea of integration (of employees, external business partners, processes)?

The main thought of SAP Leonardo is to efficiently connect things with people and processes, including the integration of all the business partners that are involved in the process.

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