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Robots for all!

Whether six workers at Honeywell or half a full-time employee position at Elos Medtech Pinol, the mobile helpers from Danish company Mobile Industrial Robots take the strain off workers at companies large and small, thanks to their low costs and ease of use.

22 Dec. 2017

The latest example of automation in goods transportation comes from Honeywell Analytics, the global market leader for gas detection solutions. At its production plant in Poole, UK, Honeywell uses autonomous mobile robots from Mobile Industrial Robots ApS based in Odense, Denmark, to boost efficiency and make the best possible use of its most valuable resource - its staff. According to Honeywell, the robot frees up six full-time staff members to focus on more complex tasks. But mobile robots aren't just a good idea for big companies, as the CEO of Mobile Industrial Robots, Thomas Visti, recently explained in a focus piece for publishing house TeDo Verlag. In it, he used a case study to illustrate how medical technology manufacturer, Elos Medtech Pinol, benefits from using a type MiR100 autonomous mobile robot - thanks to manageable investment costs and simple controls that do not require programming know-how.

In the past, staff at Elos Medtech Pinol used to walk an average of 7.5 kilometers a day while moving goods around for further processing in different departments at the 8,000 square meter factory. Today, an MiR100 from Mobile Industrial Robots takes care of all that. On an annual basis, the autonomous mobile robot logs 1,600 kilometers - the equivalent to half a full-time employee position at the company, according to Visti.

Mobile Industrial Robots will be at the upcoming CeMAT 2018 to showcase its products to an international audience and prove that you don't need highly specialized robotics or IT experts to start up and run their robots. In fact, any user can learn how to handle them in next to no time. An intuitive user interface and simple programming turn the mobile helpers into truly versatile workhorses that can be controlled from any connected computer or mobile end device.

Mobile Industrial Robots ApS (5220 Odense SO, Denmark)

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