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At CeMAT 2016, PSI Technics GmbH is showcasing its innovative ARATEC solution for industrial positioning tasks that promises to navigate storage and retrieval machines to precisely where they are needed in warehouses.

01 Jun. 2016

The team of experts at PSI Technics GmbH conducts valuable research and development in positioning technology to provide custom solutions for specific applications. They are also the brains behind the ARATEC positioning solution system that's making its CeMAT debut this year. ARATEC is designed for use in fully automated high-bay warehouses, for example, where it instructs stacker cranes to move to the storage position's target coordinates and ensure that all storage and retrieval operations are carried out carefully, extremely accurately and as quickly as possible.

By using systems analyses to comprehensively evaluate logistics facilities, PSI Technics GmbH has in recent years been able to uncover significant optimization potential in many of its customers' facilities. In particular, it has shown that conventional positioning solutions cause critical vibration in warehouse structures that leads to increased wear, premature failures and high cycle times. The ARATEC system on show at CeMAT 2016 takes due account of how the systems in a warehouse operate and ensures that automatic crane systems and conveyor, lifting and transportation systems are positioned with top precision - even under the toughest conditions.

PSI Technics GmbH (56220 Urmitz, Germany), Hall 27, Stand B64, (10)


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