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Re-imagining the parcel delivery process

Stuttgart-based technology startup CIKONI has brought together bionics and high-tech materials for cutting-edge logistics to develop a pioneering lightweight CFRP shelving system for the Mercedes-Benz Vision Van.

08 Mar. 2017
Cikoni Carbon-Konstruktion Vision Van

The Vision Van from Mercedes-Benz, which combines groundbreaking design and innovative technical solutions to re-imagine the parcel delivery process, caused quite a stir at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2015 in Hannover. At the heart of the innovative vehicle concept is the intelligent cargo area management system, designed to make both the loading process at the logistics center and parcel deliveries more efficient. Applying the one-shot loading principle, the Vision Van is to save users time and money in loading and unloading, as the shelving system developed by Stuttgart-based technology startup CIKONI can be preloaded and then pushed into the cargo area in one go.

CIKONI’s lightweight shelving system fulfils numerous functions. Its integrated functional elements support fast loading, and it keeps its cargo secure on the move with an intelligent mix of carbon, aluminum and sandwich structures, ensuring a high level of stability for braking maneuvers and cornering while minimizing its own weight. At the destination, it releases the load carriers for automated unloading. Thanks to CIKONI’s extensive expertise in multi-material lightweight construction solutions, optimum use can be made of the Vision Van’s available load volume, which means that the shelving’s weight and volume have a positive impact on the efficiency of the entire system. Besides looking good, CIKONI’s innovative end-to-end solution also meets all technical specifications thanks to its bionic-inspired design, structural optimization and functional integration.