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Pack it with paper

Easypack, the specialist in eco-friendly packaging systems, is not just adding a new ergonomically designed workplace system to its portfolio at CeMAT 2016, but also exhibiting a new compact version of its popular Packmate.

13 May. 2016

It’s not that long since the days when opening parcels containing small items meant sifting through mountains of polystyrene chips to find them. But times have changed, at least they have in our part of the world, not least thanks to innovative companies such as Easypack GmbH based in Soest, north-west Germany. At CeMAT 2016 in Hannover, the specialist manufacturer of eco-friendly packaging systems is launching a new version of its popular Packmate that is custom-designed for packaging smaller items. “Demand for less bulky paper cushion packaging is on the rise, as customers and companies become more mindful of the environment,” explains Baret Davidian, Easypack’s Managing Director. “This shift in requirements prompted us to add this new model to our popular series of packaging machines.”

Despite its more compact form, the new Packmate model offers the same benefits as the other machines in the series. It is easy to operate using a digital panel. Users can select from automatic, semi-automatic or foot-pedal control, and precisely determine the volume and length of cushion packaging. If the working environment requires, the control panel can also be installed separately from the Packmate for convenient remote operation. The Packmate’s 90-millimeter-wide flexible paper cushion packaging is perfect for filling voids and holding products safely in place. The machine uses the same 375-millimeter-wide paper source material as the Freestyle, Spiral and Spiral Pro packaging systems.