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One of the largest fleets of perception-controlled robots

After a highly positive experience with three intelligent TORU picking robots from Magazino GmbH, logistics service provider FIEGE Logistik has now decided to order a further 30 robots from the Munich-based startup and roll out an entire fleet.

25 Oct. 2017

The decision to invest in TORU robots from Magazino is set to make FIEGE the operator of one of Europe's largest fleets of perception-controlled warehouse robots. Frederik Brantner, co-founder and CEO of Magazino, sees the investment as highly significant: "We are extremely proud to be pushing digitization within intralogistics in such huge strides together with FIEGE," he reports. "The use of TORU at FIEGE shows that the future of the warehouse belongs to perception-controlled robots." Brantner founded Magazino GmbH in Munich in 2014, along with Lukas Zanger and Nikolas Engelhard. The startup has now grown to employ a workforce of more than 70, specializing in perception-controlled, mobile robots for intralogistics.

The latest development from Magazino is the TORU picking robot that FIEGE has chosen to use. Up till now, automated systems have usually only been able to pick entire load carriers such as pallets or crates, but TORU can also precision-pick individual items. Magazino technology uses 2D and 3D cameras to identify and localize individual items on a rack so that they can be gripped securely and ultimately deposited at their destination with exceptional precision. The intelligent robot is designed to work alongside humans, bringing parts directly to the workbench or shipping station as soon as they are required. Magazino thus aims to provide the perfect logistics system for Industry 4.0 - an ambitious vision shared by Jens Fiege, Member of the Executive Board at FIEGE Logistik: "It is our conviction that in the future, robots will be highly significant in the field of intralogistics - especially for fulfilment services," says Fiege. "We see ourselves as pioneers in this area and will continue to develop this flexible solution together with our partner, Magazino. The ongoing development of automated order picking at our warehouses is a vital step in digitizing logistics centers."

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