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Some exciting new options to weigh up

Anyone keen to know exactly how things are stacking up should check out the two new products that the Dutch weighing system specialist RAVAS is unveiling at CeMAT 2018 - its iForks 32 weighing forks and RCS Hy Q 52 hydraulic scale.

27 Apr. 2018
Ravas iforks 32

RAVAS is revered as the world’s leading manufacturer of mobile weighing systems for integrating into hand pallet, warehouse and forklift trucks. These are designed to make internal logistics more reliable and efficient at the same time as boosting the quality of its customers’ products and services. RAVAS recently started upgrading its products to provide the optimum connectivity required to secure a leading edge in the world of increasingly integrated information. In practical terms, this means it should be easy as pie to link the weight information from the Dutch company’s mobile trucks with other goods flow information - integrating it into ERP or WMS systems and the like. The new iForks 32 and RCS Hy Q 52 being unveiled at CeMAT 2018 are prime examples of the company’s enviable expertise.

The iForks 32 represents the next evolutionary step from the hugely successful RAVAS iForks weighing forks. Their fork height of just 58 millimeters and no external components on the shank make them barely distinguishable from standard forks. This sleeker look has been achieved by replacing their predecessors' large battery packs with reliable compact lithium-ion batteries of the same capacity. The new 3200 weight indicator in the iForks-32 boasts the added feature of automatic tilt compensation, which automatically corrects the weighing errors that arise if the mast tilts and shifts the forks from a horizontal position. Bluetooth 4.0, a standard feature of the 3200, should make interaction with PDAs, tablets and smartphones a cinch. What's more, a compatible RAVAS app, which can be downloaded from Apple's App Store or Google Play, can be used to e-mail the data produced by the 3200 weight indicator.

The second new product that RAVAS is unveiling in Hannover - the RCS Hy Q 52 hydraulic scale - is similarly communicative. It is designed to be quite simple to fit, as it doesn't require a manifold block, instead using a pressure sensor installed on a hydraulic line on the forklift. If you’d like to find out just how this works and which forklift trucks the new hydraulic scale is suitable for, the experts at the RAVAS stand will be more than happy to help.


Ravas Europe at CeMAT

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