CeMAT 2020, 20 - 24 April

The 5-minute crane – a great idea!

WIMAG GmbH is unveiling an aluminum crane with a carrying capacity of 1.5 metric tons at CeMAT 2018. Its name – Alu-Ruck-Zuck, or ARZ for short - literally means aluminum express and is highly appropriate because one person can easily erect the crane in just five minutes.

23 Apr. 2018
WIMAG aluminum express

WIMAG has been developing and manufacturing high-quality construction and lifting equipment for over 200 years. Customers worldwide have come to trust the Bavarian company's series products and customized solutions. Other WIMAG exhibits joining the new ARZ aluminum crane at CeMAT 2018 include the intelligent battery-powered Alpha-Levator and Gamma-Levator vacuum lifters.

Returning to the ARZ, its beam and supports are made from lightweight aluminum profiles, which means it can be erected quickly by a single person. The crane's maximum span of 3,700 millimeters can be adjusted in steps of 300 millimeters on one side and bolts can be used to vary the height in 100-millimeter increments on each side, up to a total height of 2,744 millimeters. The scope of supply includes a ball-bearing trolley with locking device, which pushes against the load and moves it with ease.

If the new aluminum crane is to be used for stationary applications, it is equipped with four base plates complete with rubber coating. There are also four stabilizing spindles for use on steps or uneven surfaces. If it is intended for mobile applications, the ARZ is supplied with four Vulkollan wheels. Two people can then move the crane on firm, level ground with a load of up to 1,000 kilograms. Both models can also be equipped with a power supply for an electrical lifting device.



At CeMAT 2018 you could visit WIMAG on-site and learn more about the latest products and services. more