CeMAT 2020, 20 - 24 April
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Super-smooth pallet transitions

Toppy S.r.l. is presenting its range of innovative pallet changers and rotators at CeMAT 2018 - including the new TOPPY Q-SHAPE, which can rotate, tip or change pallets without turning everything upside down.

22 Apr. 2018
Toppy Q-Shape
Toppy Q-Shape

TOPPY S.r.l. was originally founded (in Bologna, Italy, in 1978) as a manufacturer of machines and warehouse vehicles for the graphics sector. Since then, it has gradually expanded its activities into sectors such as pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs and cosmetics. The company's focus on engineering customized solutions for rotating, changing and transporting pallets on the Italian market has earned it a leading position in the pallet handling business.

TOPPY S.r.l. is attending CeMAT 2018 to demonstrate its Toppy Pharma Advance mobile pallet changer, the Toppy Inverter stationary pallet rotator and the impressive capabilities of the new TOPPY Q SHAPE. This innovative system is designed to quickly and reliably change pallets in a variety of situations, above all in fully automated and high-bay warehouses, but also lends itself well to interim storage solutions.

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Toppy at CeMAT

At CeMAT 2018 you could visit Toppy on-site and learn more about the latest products and services. more