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Warehousing systems technology

For the real production logistics experts!

The warehouse technology specialist BITO has chosen CeMAT 2018 to demonstrate how its systems can be efficiently deployed in a whole host of applications, most notably in production logistics.

19 Apr. 2018
BITO-Lagertechnik 4CeMAT

Although logistical demands in warehouses and production seem to have a lot in common, closer inspection reveals some very specific differences between the two. As one of the few end-to-end suppliers in the sector, BITO-Lagertechnik Bittmann GmbH develops, manufactures and distributes the kinds of high-quality shelving, container, order picking and transportation systems primarily used in warehousing. At this year's CeMAT, BITO is keen to broaden its audience by demonstrating how its sophisticated solutions can optimize a wide variety of production logistics tasks, too.

Flow racking, for example, differs specifically in terms of channel depth. In warehouse storage or order picking, the depth depends on factors such as expiration dates and turnover rates, meaning very deep channels are often used. In production, however, line supply parts are often organized in load carriers using kanban processes. As a result, short channels that generally only hold two containers, one behind the other, are typically deployed. Production logistics has different demands to warehouse logistics in terms of flexibility, too. After all, in production, space is expensive and processes are subject to frequent changes. Smaller, movable shelving units offer the required flexibility, making them the better choice in this sector. Visitors shouldn't miss out on the chance to get some great insider advice and discover even more sophisticated production logistics solutions at the BITO stand at CeMAT 2018 in Hannover.

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BITO-Lagertechnik Bittmann at CeMAT

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