CeMAT 2020, 20 - 24 April
Warehousing systems technology

The first of its kind

Say hello to SOTO - a robot developed by Magazino, on show for the first time ever at CeMAT 2018. SOTO is set to be the world's first robot that can grab, transport and unload cartons and small load containers of up to 15 kg at various heights without any manual intervention.

19 Apr. 2018
Magazino SOTO

Founded in 2014 by Frederik Brantner, Lukas Zanger and Nikolas Engelhard, Munich-based Magazino GmbH now employs no less than 80 staff to develop and build perception-controlled mobile robots for intralogistics applications. The company made a name for itself with its mobile picker robot TORU, which is now successfully deployed at various customer sites. The new SOTO robot is designed to function in a similar manner to TORU, but for handling much larger and heavier objects. Visitors at this year's CeMAT in Hannover now have the opportunity to be the first to discover SOTO and its fully revamped stablemate.

With the aid of 3D camera technology, the mobile robot uses its adaptive grabbers to pick up objects such as cartons and small load carriers (SLC) measuring up to 600 x 400 x 400 mm from different heights. The load is then placed on a vehicle, navigated to its target destination and unloaded with millimeter precision - all completely autonomously. This would make SOTO the world's very first perception-controlled robot to combine such a broad spectrum of capabilities. This intelligent assistant is primarily destined for use in distribution centers in fashion logistics, but is also perfectly suited for replenishing SLCs in production environments. If you can think of any other good uses for this cutting-edge technology, don't hesitate to let the Magazino developers know!

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Magazino at CeMAT

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