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Each year, Chinese company GOODSENSE manufactures around 20,000 forklifts, many of them destined for Europe. Its German branch is attending CeMAT 2018 not only to unveil a new 4x4 forklift but also to win new sales partners.

15 Apr. 2018
Goodsense 4x4

Zhejiang GOODSENSE Forklift Co. Ltd manufactures 20,000 forklifts a year and exports them to 127 countries worldwide. Since 2013, its sales partner in Germany has been GOODSENSE Deutschland GmbH, headquartered in Hamburg and managed by Thomas Rose. The portfolio of GOODSENSE Deutschland GmbH includes diesel, gas, gasoline and electric forklifts whose engines have met the Tier 4 / Stage 3b emissions standard since 2018. The forklifts, which range from one to 48 metric tons, are also SGS-tested, have CE markings and satisfy all relevant European Union directives.

"Customers value our high product quality and our forklifts' user-friendliness, safety and reliability - and all at a very attractive price," says Rose. "Although there are already dealers with Chinese forklifts on the market, we offer them the extra service of German-speaking contacts and complete documentation in German." As additional incentives for potential partners, Rose also cites efficient marketing support, the rapid replacement parts service with its high level of availability, easy-to-reach, personal contacts, interesting leasing and financing concepts and "conditions that are often better than those of competitors". The drive concepts at GOODSENSE are also at the cutting edge of developments and firmly focused on customer and market needs. The key highlight at CeMAT 2018 is the HATZ Diesel 4H50TIC engine in all-terrain forklifts. It boasts four cylinders, 55 kW/2600 rpm, a torque of 240 Nm/1600 rpm and already meets the emissions standards that will become mandatory for all industrial trucks marketed from 2019 onwards.

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Zhejiang Goodsense Forklift at CeMAT

At CeMAT 2018 you could visit Zhejiang Goodsense Forklift on-site and learn more about the latest products and services. more