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Combining the best features of touchscreen computers and handheld terminals, the new RK25 mobile computer from CipherLab is perfect for a wide range of logistics applications, and is on show for the first time at CeMAT 2018 in Hannover.

14 Apr. 2018
CipherLab RK25

When it comes to developing, manufacturing and marketing products and systems for automatic identification, data capture and data collection, CipherLab is a global leader. Along with its partner LOG:IT, the well-established supplier of cutting-edge warehouse management software, the company is at CeMAT 2018 to present pioneering solutions for flexible, innovative logistics. Center stage is the new, robust RK25 mobile computer, combining the best features of touchscreen computers and handheld terminals.

The CipherLab RK25 boasts a large display screen and a physical keypad. Thanks to its multi-functionality, high data capacity, long service life and wireless connectivity, it provides all the functions of a fully-fledged mobile computer, combining the user-friendly credentials of a smart device with conventional, physical keypad typing. The device's handy design is specifically geared toward supporting users in practice. After all, in applications that call for the collection and input of large data volumes, physical keypads are often still preferred for quick and precise data entry. The CipherLab RK25 is therefore designed to ensure accurate input, even on the move, and to minimize errors in keypad entry. What’s more, it is exceptionally reliable and robust, even in harsh conditions involving rain, snow or dirt. The individual keys can also be configured to execute complex commands such as activating sensors, initiating barcode scans and capturing GPS data.

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CipherLab at CeMAT

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