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Order-picking systems

Strapped in for success!

Strapping systems specialist Mosca is at CeMAT 2018 with the EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6 - a compact, high-end machine equipped for the toughest demands. The company is also highlighting products perfectly designed for Industry 4.0 networked communication.

14 Apr. 2018
Mosca SoniXs MS-6

The Mosca GmbH portfolio at CeMAT 2018 shows just how smoothly and quickly processes can be adjusted to product and batch sizes, and how products for online sales - from delicate clothing items right through to large washing machines – can be prepared for rapid dispatch. In the spotlight this year, the strapping systems specialist is showcasing the EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6 – a compact, high-end machine equipped for the toughest demands - and the EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6-H, which has been specifically developed for large, bulky items. Meanwhile, the EVOLUTION SoniXs TR-6 Pro boasts an intelligent control system to achieve maximum productivity. Mosca is also highlighting its products' suitability for Industry 4.0 networked communication, and is thus also presenting the RFID application for strap material restocking that it has developed in collaboration with PSI Automotive & Industry GmbH and Winckel.

"We have seen the logistics industry boom for several years now," says CEO Timo Mosca. "Companies that turn to us pack and ship a wide variety of products every day. They look for ways of packaging that can be flexibly adapted to changing parameters - different package sizes and safety requirements, for instance." This is where the 50+ years of expertise that Mosca has amassed comes in. For instance, the leading technology supplier's strapping machines are capable of detecting predefined packages and automatically adjusting strap tension and other parameters. What’s more, fully automated strapping systems can be seamlessly integrated into production lines and operated from a control center.

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