CeMAT 2020, 20 - 24 April
Industrial trucks

I can see something you can't!

The Mobile Vicinity Scout that Motec GmbH is exhibiting at CeMAT is a camera system developed specifically for commercial vehicles. It gives drivers a clear, seamless panoramic view around their vehicle, thus helping protect people, avoid accidents and save costs.

12 Apr. 2018
MOTEC Mobile Vicinity Scout

Behind every accident is a cause, but you can’t do much about it after the fact. Once you eliminate technical faults and force majeure, it's usually people who are at fault. They might be negligent, overstretched, have overestimated their own capabilities or, as so often happens, they may simply have been unaware of something. After all, how can you react to something you can't see? That’s one scenario that the team at Motec GmbH are trying to eliminate as much as possible. For more than 20 years, Motec has been one of the leading suppliers of heavy-duty camera monitor systems that meet all the needs of commercial vehicles in the construction, public transport, freight, agriculture, and - of course - intralogistics sectors. The company is at CeMAT 2018 in Hannover to showcase a range of solutions including its Mobile Vicinity Scout with 360° panoramic viewing system.

The Motec Mobile Vicinity Scout (MVS) is a camera system that has been specially developed for commercial vehicles and gives drivers a clear, seamless panoramic view around their vehicle. Thanks to its outstanding flexibility, the MVS can be adapted to the widest range of vehicles and visibility problems, while its robust construction also promises a long service life in harsh day-to-day conditions. Featuring open interfaces, the MVS can be easily integrated into vehicle electronics and networked with existing sensor arrays. The system can be quickly and simply calibrated in a few minutes, whether on the factory floor during series production or on site - one person can take care of it on their own, with no need for a laptop or the costly services of specialist technicians. Ultimately, the Motec MVS system delivers excellent image quality, flexibility, and reliability.

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Motec at CeMAT

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