CeMAT 2020, 20 - 24 April

A solution that really sucks!?

Piab subsidiary Vaculex is at CeMAT in Hannover with a solution for easing the strain on parcel handling services - an ingenious vacuum lifter that can be easily integrated into existing conveying technology and taken inside trucks and containers.

12 Apr. 2018

Most parcel handling services use containers and trucks to move packages between sorting centers, loading and unloading them by hand. Since staff have to work fast, even slightly poor posture can quickly cause muscles to tense up. In fact, the repetitive stresses and strains of manual parcel handling work can really ramp up the risk of injuries and even serious physical harm, such as back problems. The end result for businesses is not just a high sickness rate but also low productivity and unhappy staff. To help prevent that scenario, Piab subsidiary Vaculex is bringing its ParceLift to CeMAT.

The special vacuum lifter is designed so that it can be easily integrated into existing conveying technology and brought inside trucks and containers. The Vaculex ParceLift is installed on the telescopic conveyors so it can help staff even in tight spaces with low ceiling heights and narrow passages. ParceLift can carry up to 40 kilograms, which makes it ideal even for heavy parcels in a variety of shapes such as cartons, sacks and sheets. Made from high-strength lightweight materials such as carbon fiber composites and aluminum, the lifting device itself weighs just 5.8 kilograms. There is also a wide range of accessories including lighting and heating options that can create a more pleasant working environment inside the container. CeMAT visitors who want to feel as strong as a bear should check in with Vaculex and try out the ParceLift for themselves.

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Vaculex at CeMAT

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