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EFAFLEX, a world market leader in door and safety systems, is at CeMAT 2018 to exhibit the EFA-SRT MS machine protection door and EFA-SRT MTL high-speed roll-up door. Both door types are designed to integrate smoothly into fully automated processes and highly intelligent systems.

12 Apr. 2018
Efaflex SRT-MTL-00
Efaflex SRT-MTL-00

EFAFLEX Tor- und Sicherheitssysteme GmbH & Co. KG aims to make an important contribution to intelligent logistics with its new high-end doors. Established in 1974, EFAFLEX is the first company in the world to focus exclusively on high-speed doors, thereby getting ahead of the competition and achieving an impressive market position. With a headcount of over 1,200, EFAFLEX currently manufactures spiral, roll-up, folding, cleanroom, freezer and machine protection doors, not to mention numerous special designs for various branches of industry and trade.

The EFA-SRT MS machine protection door on show at CeMAT 2018, which boasts a space-saving design, has been made to slot neatly into essential protective enclosures. Meanwhile, the EFA-SRT MTL high-speed roll-up door – MTL standing for Material Transport Logistics - has a frame width of just 60 millimeters, making it ideal for tight spaces. CeMAT visitors can also see for themselves how the other doors in the EFAFLEX portfolio are leading the way in terms of Industry 4.0 and Logistics 4.0. What's more, the doors specialist will be showcasing an addition to its EFA-TRONIC control box in the form of the EFA-HDI operating unit, which features a display and is designed to provide full access to all parameters and basic functions. The device can be installed on the wall or in a compact arrangement in the frame.

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