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Loads of stability!

Netherlands-based Ravas Europe B.V. is exhibiting at CeMAT 2016 with an interactive load indicator for continuously monitoring and displaying forklift truck stability.

24 May. 2016

The exhibit at CeMAT 2016 demonstrating how Ravas-SafeLoad works couldn't be clearer: If a 2.5-metric-ton forklift lifts a load of 1,820 kilograms close to its fork carriage, the Ravas-SafeLoad weight indicator displays the weight read-out against a green background. At the same time, the middle section of the fork diagram on the display flashes to show that the center of gravity is at between 500 and 600 millimeters. Furthermore, four green LEDs in the bar underneath the display light up to signal that the lifting operation is safe. However, if the same load is lifted at the tip of the fork, the weight read-out is displayed against a red background to warn that the lifting operation is unsafe. In this instance, the front (tip) section of the fork diagram flashes (center of gravity at 800 to 1,000 millimeters) and the red LEDs in the bar light up - an audible warning signal is also activated.

All this makes the new SafeLoad system from Ravas a highly innovative forklift safety product that continuously advises drivers about the stability of their trucks and warns them when lifting is unsafe. The RAVAS-SafeLoad system is a retrofit product that can be installed on any make and model of counterbalanced forklift or reach truck. It uses information provided by hydraulic and other sensors that measure the moment forces from the center of gravity and the mast tilt. The system also has an integrated data logging function that automatically records each individual lifting operation. Downloading this data via Bluetooth provides valuable information on a forklift's safety and efficiency that can be used to improve fleet management.

Ravas Europe B.V. (5301 KA Zaltbommel, Netherlands), Hall 26, Stand D15


Ravas Europe at CeMAT

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