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Laser-guided safety

Already renowned for offering the world’s most extensive product portfolio of track guidance sensors for automated guided vehicles, Götting KG is at CeMAT 2016 with a new safety laser scanner for optics-based personal protection.

03 Jun. 2016

On show at CeMAT in Hannover this year, the new HG 45000ZA safety laser scanner from Götting KG is designed to reliably detect anyone obstructing the path of an automated guided vehicle (AGV), and boasts credentials including SIL2 certification and performance level PL d. Particularly suitable for AGVs and remote-controlled vehicles used in industrial environments, the system activates a safety function as soon as a person is detected so that the vehicle can be slowed down or brought to a complete standstill.

The system consists of a laser scanner that acts as a sensor and is mounted on the vehicle to scan the path ahead, and an interpreter unit that is connected to the scanner via a cable and can be placed in a protected position inside the vehicle. Using a defined angular range and two superimposed planes, the laser scanner sensor scans how far the vehicle is from its surroundings in small angular increments and thus monitors the route ahead to check for obstacles and ascertain whether the route is complete and level. As soon as any deviation from the prescribed values is detected, the interpreter unit activates an emergency stop.

The system is based on the principle of measuring how long it takes for light to bounce back and works at travel speeds of up to 10 km/h. What’s more, it is the first solution on the market that can also detect obstacles reliably in changing environmental conditions both indoors and outdoors.

Götting KG (31275 Lehrte, Germany), Halle 27, Stand D44 +D45


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