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The Austrian intralogistics provider KNAPP has been using RFID technology for more than 15 years with closed goods-to-person piece picking systems and for overhead hanging conveyor technology.

15 Oct. 2015
Boots, the large British retailer, is optimising its distribution centre with the help of the modern OSR shuttles.

Transponder Technology

Trays with insert containers are used as an aid in the warehouse with the OSR shuttle for small parts weighing up to 15 kilograms. The trays are RFID coded and allow the product details to be saved. In this way, the inventory can be saved directly in the container. During the picking process, trays with special insert containers depending on the necessary volumes are selected for use. As part of the same system, various mixed container types can be used. The OSR shuttle system is based on the goods-to-person principle, whereby the item is moved and provided to the service person.

With the roll adapter system from Dürkopp Fördertechnik, which is part of the KNAPP Group, RFID transponders are used in textiles logistics to identify goods. The basic principle of the system is to unhook the coat hangers from the materials handling system and instead to deploy a standardised, fully programmable adapter which can also be identified securely and unambiguously by an RFID transponder. Once it is connected to this adapter, items of clothing can proceed securely through the entire internal logistical process. Coat hangers which come from conventional warehouses or from goods which have been received can be connected to a roll adapter at an automated linking station. From this point onwards the goods can always be recognised by the system using the RFID coding and warehousing, and sorting and picking processes of almost any level of complexity can take place completely securely.