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Industrial trucks in charge!

Best known as a pioneer of electromobility, China-based BYD is at CeMAT 2016 to showcase its latest innovations as a forklift truck manufacturer and battery specialist – highlights include large-scale applications for cutting-edge lithium iron phosphate battery technology.

28 May. 2016

Within a remarkably short space of time, China-based battery specialist and forklift truck manufacturer BYD ("Build your dreams") has become the largest producer of rechargeable battery units in the world, and was named the world’s highest-performing technology company by U.S. business magazine Bloomberg Businessweek in 2010. At CeMAT in Hannover this year, BYD Europe is exhibiting a range of intelligent and efficient industrial trucks that offer huge savings potential across the value-added chain - all under the slogan "Save money. SaFe battery. Safe future." The innovations on show include the IFOY-nominated ECB18C electric forklift, the PTP20H low-lift pallet truck with flip-down platform and top speeds of 12 km/h, and the EPS14 electric high-lift pallet truck with a 3 kW hoist motor and a 1.5 kW AC drive motor. Meanwhile, the T50 electric tugger train features a tow load capacity of 5 metric tons and a powerful, maintenance-free 48V AC three-phase motor, making it perfect for tugger and logistics trains.

The key added-value advantage of all the BYD electric industrial trucks on show is the exceptionally robust and reliable ("SaFe") lithium iron phosphate battery technology (LiFePO) they use - a major focus for BYD at present. Already accredited with a number of safety certifications, LiFePO batteries can be recharged quickly whenever required without negative memory effects. Even after eight years or 10,000 hours in operation, BYD guarantees 65 percent battery capacity. The technology is specifically designed for fast charging - the T50, for instance, can be fully charged within just one hour. This leads to major savings in multi-shift operation, as it cuts out both the financial costs and time involved in replacing removable batteries and also eliminates the need for dedicated battery storage space. In total, BYD estimates potential savings of up to 40 percent compared to average costs.

BYD Europe B.V. (3125 BK Schiedam, Netherlands), Hall 25, Stand F11


BYD Europe at CeMAT

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