CeMAT 2020, 20 - 24 April
Move & Lift

High-performance forklift for low-clearance applications

Exhibiting under the slogan "Smart, connected, global - intralogistics 4.0", the KION Group automation experts at Egemin Automation are at CeMAT 2016 to show how integrated material flow concepts can be used to great effect in international logistics projects.

19 May. 2016

Based in the Netherlands and a member of the KION Group since August 2015, Egemin Automation is exhibiting at CeMAT this year under the slogan "Smart, connected, global – intralogistics 4.0". In keeping with this theme, Egemin has offices in eight different countries and also has the global KION Group service network and many years of experience in concept development at its disposal. Customers can thus expect to get exactly what they need to optimize their material flow processes. Set to be unveiled at CeMAT 2016, one prime example of the company’s expertise in developing solutions is the new E'gv Compact Counterbalance range of automated guided vehicles.

Seamlessly integrated with automated material handling and warehousing systems in production and distribution, the E'gv Compact Counterbalance range delivers smart solutions designed for even the most complex material flows and operations. As a compact model with a counterbalance fork, the E'gv Compact Counterbalance is perfect for transporting standard pallets, with its reduced mast height making it suitable for low-clearance applications down to 2,032 millimeters. The navigation system uses an integrated navigation laser scanner and reflectors installed within the vicinity to identify and monitor the AGV's position.

Egemin N.V. (2070 Zwijndrecht, Belgium), Hall 27, Stand H17