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Mobile data capture system supplier PANDA PRODUCTS Barcode-Systeme GmbH is at CeMAT 2016 with the new TC8000 ergonomic computer from Zebra Technologies, designed specifically for boosting workforce productivity.

19 May. 2016

The TC8000 mobile computer from Zebra Technologies is the only device on the market designed both to be easier to use and to simplify the way that logistics teams interact with the warehouse application. Studies have shown that the TC8000 delivers average time savings of 14 percent per staff member over existing scanner housing designs. In other words, workers using the TC8000 can get through an hour's extra work every day.

This remarkable achievement is all down to the TC8000 engineers, who have minimized tilting and verification requirements and cut the weight of the device by some 33 percent - both these improvements are key to reducing symptoms of fatigue. Thanks to a new housing design and an optimized scanning position, users can get a clear view of the screen when reading barcodes, without having to work their wrists as much as when using traditional designs. Another stroke of genius is an integrated tool that can be used to automatically turn old terminal emulation (TE) apps with green screens into elegant, graphics-based all-touch apps. The result is a highly user-friendly system that also significantly reduces the number of interactions required to complete a task - with no coding or modifications to the host application required.

PANDA PRODUCTS Barcode-Systeme GmbH (22844 Norderstedt, Germany), Hall 27, Stand B18


PANDA PRODUCTS Barcode-Systeme at CeMAT

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