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Got a good solution in your warehouse? IFOY Award 2018

The countdown has started. Submissions for the IFOY Award 2018, which is to presented at the opening ceremony of CeMAT in Hannover, close on 30 October. Thanks to new categories including "Intralogistics Software" and "Intralogistics Robot" the prestigious competition is certainly reflecting the dynamics of the industry.

08 Sep. 2017

The IFOY Award is highly respected and valued within the sector. Although it started off as a competition for forklifts, it has long since become a yardstick for the innovative credentials of companies in the intralogistics industry, which have to make a big impression in an exceptionally dynamic environment. Perhaps less well known - although that is likely to change very soon - is that IFOY no longer stands for "International Forklift Truck of the Year", but for "International Intralogistics and Forklift Truck of the Year". After all, forklift manufacturers don't just build industrial trucks these days, they are very much in competition with suppliers of integrated intralogistics systems.

Companies interested in winning the IFOY Award still have until 30 October 2017 to submit entries and pit their solutions against the best innovations of the year. During a five-month process, an independent panel of judges will pick the winners of eleven categories covering industrial trucks, intralogistics products and applications in industry, trade and services. The newly named "Intralogistics Software of the Year" and "Intralogistics Robot of the Year" categories will see apps and software solutions on the one hand and robots and robot-supported solutions for intralogistics applications on the other battle it out for the top title. The "Integrated Warehouse Solution" category has been modified to shift the focus away from vehicles in favor of planning and implementation expertise for successful holistic warehousing concepts. The upcoming CeMAT fair will see the award handed out in the "Cranes and Lifting Appliances" category for the first time, while the "Special Vehicle" category is being extended to include "Heavy Load Forklifts". Besides special vehicles, participating companies can now also enter container stackers, on-board forklifts, truck-mounted forklifts or heavy duty forklifts with a load capacity of more than eight metric tons.