CeMAT 2020, 20 - 24 April
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Give it some gas to get the temperature just right

Schwank GmbH from Cologne is exhibiting its gas heat pumps at CeMAT for the first time this year. They combine the efficient medium of gas with ambient heat to either heat or cool more effectively, as required.

13 May. 2016

Unlike electric heat pumps, the compressor in the cooling circuit of a Schwank GmbH gas heat pump is operated by a gas-powered engine. This makes them a more environmentally friendly and efficient alternative for regulating the temperature in buildings, especially for major energy consumers in industry and commerce. At CeMAT 2016, Schwank’s team of experts is explaining the benefits of this technology, which is proving very popular indeed thanks to the relatively low price of natural gas as a fuel.

The gas heat pumps, which can be integrated into almost any existing building, can heat and cool even large halls efficiently by combining the economical medium of gas with ambient heat. As a result, no one’s left shivering in winter, and the entire building can be air-conditioned in the summer. This can be a crucial requirement when it comes to thermal processes or the storage of sensitive goods. Furthermore, by using gas, which is an environmentally friendly energy source, companies can usually avoid having to invest in additional peak-load boilers or large transformer stations for electrically powered heating pumps.

Heat pumps are generally considered the best option and are therefore recommended in Germany’s “EnEV” energy saving regulations and rated as a renewable energy source in the country’s Renewable Energies Heat Act (EEWärmeG). The gas heat pumps from Schwank use cost-free ambient heat and recover the heat from the engine to turn 100-percent gas into 140-percent heat. Their low CO2 emissions and direct use of a primary energy source make them particularly ecologically sound – and their range of thermal transfer methods means they can be used in a variety of situations.