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Why not change and charge the drive batteries of industrial trucks outdoors, instead of inside cramped plant or logistics buildings? It sounds obvious, but it has been trickier than you might expect - until now! Thanks to a mobile turnkey charging station, taking this logical step couldn't really be easier.

20 Dec. 2017
Hoppecke systemizer powercube

The solution from Hoppecke, which frees up space indoors for core company activities on the one hand, while creating flexibility for order peaks requiring high capacity utilization on the other, is called trak | systemizer powercube. As a mobile charging station, the new system from the long-established, Brilon-based company is available in 3 sizes - all ready for immediate deployment. Indeed, lighting, ventilation and heating systems are all pre-integrated, as are ventilation controls and acid drip trays. With a capacity of 2x 80 V or 48 V batteries up to 18x 24 V batteries, the trak | systemizer powercube can be scaled up or down flexibly at any time. What’s more, all battery types can be charged or changed in the station, so that the new HOPPECKE charging station can accommodate new acquisitions or battery type changes affecting an intralogistics fleet.

All that users need to run the trak | systemizer powercube is an electrical connection, which means it can be set up and moved around virtually anywhere outside. The innovation is set to solve many of the old problems associated with indoor charging stations, since valuable indoor space can now be used for core business activities and high insurance costs - e.g. due to fire-sensitive areas - can be saved.

Furthermore, opting for the solution from HOPPECKE means companies don't need to plan and install charging and changing stations when constructing new buildings. HOPPECKE also offers a turnkey energy solution. The trak | systemizer powercube can be ordered as part of a full-service package comprising batteries and charging units that covers all power supply-related matters. Anyone who is interested in this efficient solution has the perfect opportunity to find out more at CeMAT 2018, where the company will be showcasing everything the new system can do at its stand.

Hoppecke Batterien GmbH & Co. KG (59929 Brilon, Germany)

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