CeMAT 2020, 20 - 24 April
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From virtual to virtuoso!

Hot on the heels of winning the MHI Best Innovation Award, U.S. company FL-Simulators Inc. is bringing its forklift simulator to CeMAT 2016 in Hannover to show how forklift drivers can be turned into virtuosos in its virtual forklift training environments.

26 May. 2016
Innovative forklift simulator

Maneuvering forklifts involves very real risks. This has always been true of these handy helpers and won't change a great deal in future logistics environments, either, which set ever-growing demands and leave less and less room for error. At CeMAT 2016, FL-Simulators Inc. from the United States is demonstrating how to avoid many of the typical accidents and much of the damage caused by forklifts with the aid of its innovative forklift simulator.

Equipped with the very latest virtual reality technology – which can even simulate interaction with robots, for example – the simulator provides training programs with standardized exercises that trainees generally find highly motivating. One of the key aims is to increase drivers' safety awareness by getting them to repeat exercises simulating accident scenarios. The system also aims to develop their ability to take fast and effective action in challenging situations – thus helping to reduce damage in real-life scenarios. The forklift simulator has been successfully tested by leading international companies and is already in regular use.

FL-Simulators Inc. (Newport Beach, CA 92660, USA), Hall 27, Stand C39


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