CeMAT 2020, 20 - 24 April
Industrial trucks

Fancy a dance?

The upgraded AGV version of the Jungheinrich EKX electric tri-lateral stacker - the EKXa - is changing the face of perfectly choreographed warehouses and boasts outstanding performance with lift heights up to 13,000 millimeters.

15 Aug. 2018

In an increasingly digital world, where the pace of work and the rhythm of goods movements is only getting faster, having a perfectly choreographed warehouse can be crucial to a company's success. It is only when all the various parts of the warehouse are working in harmony that they can respond flexibly and efficiently to any challenge. As an automation partner, Jungheinrich AG designs custom solutions and helps companies step by step from planning, through service and support to a warehouse system that can put on a truly stage-worthy performance. These days, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) - like the EKX 516a showcased at the recent CeMAT trade fair in Hannover - play a leading role in the whole show.

The EKX 516a is based on the tried-and-tested EKX electric tri-lateral stacker, which has been a benchmark of the industry in all its variants for years. Now, by offering the option of gradual automation, Jungheinrich is opening up new opportunities for companies to futureproof their warehouses. As a fully automated vehicle equipped with field-tested wire guidance in conjunction with RFID transponders, this AGV really comes into its own in narrow-aisle applications and saves time and money in standardized routine tasks, exhibiting excellent efficiency and process reliability. Thanks to its powerful 80 volt drive system and new maintenance-free synchronous reluctance motor, the EKXa is up to 10 percent more efficient in terms of power consumption. Even under demanding conditions, the EKXa can operate for two shifts without a battery change. What's more, the AGV can - as an option - be fitted with an on-board battery charger, bus bar and current collector equipment for 24/7 operation.

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