CeMAT 2020, 20 - 24 April
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The co-staging of CeMAT and HANNOVER MESSE at the same time and venue ensures close links between the two events and will clearly increase the business opportunities for our exhibitors. This is reflected in the unparal-leled level of anticipation in connection with the trade fair event of the year.

17 Jul. 2017

Prof. Dr. Michael ten Hompel, Executive Director, Fraunhofer IML


"When you consider the fact that logistics is a motor force of the fourth industrial revolution, it is a good thing to see the Hannover industrial fair – Hannover Messe – teaming up again with CeMAT 2018. Not only for our institute, but also for Germany as a whole, it is highly beneficial to have a showcase where logistics and industry can interact at a single venue – especially one with a strong international reputation. Logistics is in the process of repositioning itself, as it develops into a high-tech sector and motor force for industry. This will be visible for all to see at CeMAT 2018. Forklifts are becoming automated guided vehicles, while crates are developing into cyber-physical systems and traditional materials handling is evolving into a platform economy. In 2018 visitors to our CeMAT stand will be treated to an entirely new logistics universe."

Axel Wahle, Marketing Director at Toyota Material Handling Europe

Axel Wahle Toyota

"We are delighted at the decision to co-locate CeMAT and HANNOVER MESSE. On the one hand, CeMAT will be retained as an international exhibition, giving us the opportunity to highlight our new intralogistics solutions, products and services. On the other, we can now invite additional visitors from industry and production to visit us at our stand – an exciting challenge that we are going to tackle with enthusiasm. Production depends to a significant extent on synchronized logistics. Modern production logistics goes hand-in-hand with minimum stock levels, a considerably higher degree of variability and integrated data structures. We practice this philosophy in our plants using the Toyota Production System (TPS) and the new, combined event is going to give us the opportunity to approach potential customers from industry and production." Wahle adds that trade visitors in Hannover will be able to see how the Toyota Production System integrates logistics and how Toyota is gearing up to face the challenges of the future. The spotlight will also be on new products and systems, says Wahle, along with numerous new services.

Benedikt Nufer, Corporate Spokesperson, Jungheinrich AG

"For Jungheinrich, the topics of automation, digitization and energy efficiency will be the focus of the 2018 exhibition year. The new co-location of CeMAT with HANNOVER MESSE means the fusion of two flagship fairs, offering us a fine opportunity to showcase the latest Jungheinrich innovations before an even bigger audience."

Thomas A. Fischer, General Manager for Sales Marketing and Service at STILL


"We are experiencing major changes in production and, consequently, production logistics. Due to the trend towards digitization, the requirements for logistics providers are also changing – away from demand purely for individual industrial trucks and towards solutions for entire fleets and integrated systems. Customer requirements are becoming more individual, demanding solutions from a single source – trends which will also be shaping CeMAT 2018. STILL is expecting additional trade visitor attendance to be generated by the other display sectors at the co-located HANNOVER MESSE 2018. The company will once again occupy a pavilion and feature as one of the leading industrial truck manufacturers at CeMAT."

Dr. Matthias Schweizer, Corporate Spokesperson, viastore

"The companies who are visiting and exhibiting at HANNOVER MESSE are extremely interesting for us. It basically comes down to how well we can manage to persuade their logistics and IT managers to attend CeMAT. Here not only Deutsche Messe, but also the exhibiting enterprises will need to develop highly functional ideas and concepts. We will moreover need to convince logisticians from retailing companies, food, textile, chemical and pharmaceuticals to visit CeMAT. We see major opportunities for integrating production and intralogistics. Viastore is planning to showcase software and systems solutions which are capable of efficiently integrating and managing complex materials handling processes."

Klaus Tersteegen, Managing Director at SSI Schäfer

Klaus Tersteegen

"Virtually every sector of industry uses our intralogistics solutions. But industry remains a key focus. CeMAT 2016 impressively underscored how the intralogistics sector is ever more strongly driven by IT and is becoming increasingly integrated with industry. Based on the concepts surrounding Industry 4.0, this trend is sure to continue and deepen and produce an even closer interrelation between logistics and production. For this reason, we welcome the decision of Deutsche Messe to stage CeMAT 2018 concurrently with HANNOVER MESSE. SSI Schäfer intends to help actively shape this process, because intelligently connected products and processes, secure technologies and highly-developed software modules are the key elements of our smart intralogistics solutions, which is how we will be showcasing ourselves at CeMAT 2018."

Margit Wögerer, Marketing Director, Knapp AG

"There was already a high level of interest in Industry 4.0 topics at the most recent CeMAT. We are expecting the co-location with HANNOVER MESSE to generate new synergies which will allow us to concentrate on solutions that support the requirements of Industry 4.0."

Frederik Brantner, CEO and Founder, Magazino GmbH

Frederik Brantner

"By exhibiting at CeMAT 2018, we want to lay the foundation for the successful internationalization of our enterprise. The proximity to HANNOVER MESSE means that, in addition to traditional logistics clients, we’ll attract potential business customers from the manufacturing industry. Our perception-controlled TORU and SOTO robots provide for flexible automation solutions for an entire range of manual intralogistics processes. This way we are helping drive the digitization of order picking processes, using our robots to bring artificial intelligence to the warehouses of online retailers. Logistics 4.0 provides us with a gigantic opportunity to turn Magazino into a global market leader for intelligent order picking robots."

Mirco Briosi, General Manager of Metalsistem S.P.A., Italy


"CeMAT 2018 brings the entire intralogistics industry together with Supply Chain Management within the scope of a single event – from the manufacturer to the end customer, everyone here is under the same roof. Thanks to the cooperation with Deutsche Messe, the exhibition will be expanded next year to include the retailing and shop-fitting display sector. For the first time in the history of our company, trade fair visitors will be able to view more than 20 Metalsistem product series on a stand measuring 1,000 square meters, as well as a hospitality area on the warehouse stage. And, in another first, the integration of logistics and retailing in Hannover will provide a complete panorama of the synergies generated by the harmonious interplay of products and solutions. In the shop-fitting sector, the SIDAC product program will be displayed together with Geoclass checkout barriers, Euroscacco shop-fitting racks and a number of specific solutions like checkout counters, glass showcases and numerous ideas for product presentation."